Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Printing Do You Do?

We currently do Heat Transfer Vinyl as well as  Direct To Garment and Screen Printing through our partners. At the moment we do not do dye sublimation. We specialize in polyester, cotton and blends of fabric for all prints. We also do prints on cups, tumbler and canvas.

What Kind Of Embroidery Do You Do?

We do machine embroidery. Most of our client typically order shirts and request that we embroider their logos or images on the their workwear or fashion creation. Contact us for a quote.

Do You Do Glow In The Dark Items?

Yes! These are one of our favorite concepts to make. We typically blend our standard prints with glow in the dark ink. Imagine being at a party as the sun sets, seeing your shirt change from one spectacular concept to the next. Try us out.


Do You Offer Bulk Discounts?

Everyone can enjoy the 10% discount on orders of 10 or more. We do however offer opportunities to save more depending on quantity, cause and sponsorship. Send us a message anytime. We’d love to work with you.