Zero carbon footprint initiative.

Client Relations

Every client deserves respect!


Treat every product as if it's our own.


Honesty and truth is always part of our delivery.


We encourage wild imaginations


Sometimes we just do it for the cause.

What we really do?

We empower people to be themselves. Freedom is not so free anymore and we at RGBProPrints want to put the power back in the hands of the people. To be creative, inspiring, helping and prosperous. We also do custom prints on shirts and many apparel as well as glass and tumblers. We offer embroidery on any apparel we offer.


Our Vision

Vision, the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. Not only is this what we do on a daily basis but what we strive to get others to do the same. We aim to ensure that everything we do has minimal to no impact on the environment, as well as source the right products and material to ensure we strive toward a zero carbon footprint.


History of Beginning

Every moment is a new beginning for us. Every opportunity encountered is a chance to learn something new about people and the way they survive and live. Access to quality products and customer care is fast eroding in our society and the history of quality and durability is what we aim to bring back.


Work with Us!

Most of our clients are event organizers, photographers and the everyday person. They are always in need for help to promote their events and causes. What we find to be the most struggle is the ability to find reputable and generous sponsors. Work with us to be a part of the change we want to see in the work. Empower that change. Reach out to us at http://wordpress-530339-2131719.cloudwaysapps.com/contact


What can we do for you ?

You can always reach out to us at http://wordpress-530339-2131719.cloudwaysapps.com/contact. Reach out to us on instagram and facebook. Someone is always manning the lines.

Our prints are high quality digital effect prints. The way you design it is the way we prints it.


All orders are processed immediately once all requirements have been satisfied. We notify you about the status along the way and ensure delivery is prompt and as soon as possible.

We check and triple check and ensure you like our images before we prints. If for any reason you don’t like our print. Let us know and we’ll make every effort to make it right.

Join our long and happy list of clients. Be “wow”ed by the quality and come back for the friendship.