Embroidery, Not Just for Work

With advancement of technology embroidery has never been more accessible as it involves the use of machines, specifically a sewing machine or embroidery machine.

Do you remember Home Economics? That class in high school where you learnt how to decorate fabric using a needle and thread? Did you note the fact that you were actually learning Embroidery?

In Jamaica embroidery is mostly used for work or school attire but not very often for fashion purposes. Organizations tend to use embroidery for their own personalized logos, crests or promotions, whether they are being printed on hats, shirts or aprons, all of which printing businesses like rgbproprints caters to. However, embroidery is the not just for work attire it can be used for a lot more than that. In fact embroidery has been around for centuries and built quite a fashion trend in the 21st century.

One thing that embroidery does is that it highlights. It can bring any dull clothing to life. You can use embroidery to spice up your shirts or blouses, jackets, your jeans and many more. Tryadding embroidery to a plain white T-Shirt, and you’ll see a major difference. Let’s observe the images below; on the left you’ll see a plain white T-shirt and on the right there is an embroidered white T-shirt. Do you spot the difference? Is there anything to draw your attention to the plain white T-shirt? Is there anything to give it a bit of flavour? If you throw that shirt in another pile of white shirts then there would be nothing to differentiate it from the others. Whereas if you had a design on it like the shirt to your right then you could identify it right away. The embroidered T-shirt is bold as it draws attention to not only the t-shirt but the entire outfit; it makes the shirt more fashionable, especially if you choose bold colours or images. If you had a choice to choose between these two t-shirts;

Which would you choose? 

Aside from highlighting, embroidery offers the option of customizing what you would like on your clothing. You can add your own unique flavour, make your thoughts more visual, and it allows you to make a statement. It’s like a tattoo on your clothing. Whether you want to add your name to your outfit, have matching his and hers t-shirt for you and your significant other, make your child’s outfit even more adorable or have matching robes for your bridal party, you can do it!

We’re not finished yet! Embroidery is diverse. Yes, it makes for nice fashion but it can also be used on a range of household items or even gifts. Coasters, pillow cases, and rags you name it! rgbproprints can embroider it! Embroidery also makes for a nice gift; you can give that good friend of yours who loves coffee a gift that says “but first coffee.”

It’s time for us to explore all that embroidery has to offer. Add embroidery to your fashion choices; make statements, start trends; add embroidery to your home; redecorate, add a pop of colour. The sky is the limit with embroidery.