Caring for your printed apparel

Do you wish you could have preserved that sports T-shirt that you’ve had from ‘way back when’? Generally, when you purchase clothing from a store you’ll see wash instructions on the tag, but what happens when you decided to get personalizedprinted apparel? Well, no need to worry rgbproprints has come up with some useful instructions on how to properly care for your printed apparel:

Washing Instructions

You should wash printed apparel in cold water and if you are using a machine, use a delicate cycle setting. It is important that you do not use bleach, instead, use a mild detergent. This helps to preserve the dyes and therefore helps to maintain the colourof the printed apparel. You should wash your clothing on the ‘wrong side’ or inside out. This helps the clothes to stay newer longer.

Drying instructions

It is best to dry printed apparel on a low tumble setting or drip dry. This helps to prevent shrinkage and prevents prints from fading. Also do not wring clothing; this can cause serious damage to the clothes, as well as, the print.

Ironing instructions

 Do not iron directly on print. Try ironing around the print or inside out. If you iron on print you run the risks of ruining the printed design. 

So now you have clear guidelines on how to care for your printed apparel so you can keep it looking brand new for longer. When washing printed apparel use these instructions. It works!